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What Is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting is an advanced mass communication technique that allows you to send automated voice messages to a large audience simultaneously. This service is ideal for delivering instant notifications and alerts. With integrated IVR, you can easily record customer responses during the broadcast.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting Software

Voice broadcasting offers numerous advantages beyond its primary function. Here's why customer-facing companies should consider using it:

Schedule Control

With voice broadcasting software, you have the flexibility to set call timings, schedule multiple calls to the same recipient over intervals, and control the duration of the campaign.


This feature converts written text into spoken words during a call, allowing for personalization with names and other relevant customer details.


The automated process of voice broadcasting minimizes human error, making cold calling more efficient.

Enhanced Communication

Voice broadcasting can convey emotions and messages effectively, ensuring that customers grasp the intended message.

Boosted Employee Performance

By eliminating repetitive tasks like making numerous calls, employee morale is significantly boosted.

Opt-out Messages

Similar to email's unsubscribe option, opt-out messages in voice broadcasting allow customers to choose whether they want to receive future calls.

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