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VOiP for Real Estate

Leverage the power of CallOrca's advanced VoIP features for your real estate business and enhance your customer service, ensuring a high 99.5% uptime. Attract more prospects and elevate your business operations with CallOrca's industry-leading phone system.

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Why Choose CallOrca for Real Estate?

Real estate businesses require efficient communication systems to expand their reach and close more deals. Here’s why CallOrca’s call center system is essential for real estate investors:

Cutting-Edge Features

Optimize your real estate operations with CallOrca's advanced features, including virtual phone numbers, IVR systems, call recording, power dialer, and call conferencing.

Cost-Effective Plans

Benefit from CallOrca's transparent and affordable pricing plans. Extend your reach to more prospects at lower costs with our specialized real estate phone system.

Rapid Setup

Get your CallOrca real estate phone system up and running in under 3 minutes. Enjoy 24/7 onboarding support for a swift and seamless setup process.

Expand Your Reach

Utilize CallOrca's innovative features to transcend geographical boundaries, engage more prospects, and secure more deals efficiently.

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Virtual Receptionist

Create a professional first impression with a virtual receptionist. Guide callers efficiently to the right agent based on their input, thereby enhancing the customer experience and providing quick access to needed information.

Power Dialer

Maximize outreach with the automated dialing feature. Pitch properties more effectively and secure more deals while improving the efficiency of your outbound calls.

Call Analytics

Monitor the performance of your phone system with CallOrca's advanced call analytics. Utilize this data to make informed adjustments, ensuring you capitalize on every opportunity.

Continue the Conversation on WhatsApp

Transition to WhatsApp for personalized and continuous dialogues, fostering stronger customer relationships over time on the platform they frequent daily.

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Benefits of Real Estate Call Center Software with CallOrca

Unlock the potential of your real estate business with CallOrca’s specialized call center software. Experience enhanced communication and streamlined operations tailored for the real estate sector.

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Call Recording

Archive customer conversations for training and quality assurance. Utilize recordings as reliable references for dispute resolution and compliance. Ensure every interaction is documented for future reference and analysis. are.

Smart Call Forwarding

Stay connected with clients even when away from your desk or engaged in other tasks. Redirect incoming calls to alternative numbers, ensuring no call from a prospect or customer is missed. Enhance accessibility and responsiveness, key to maintaining client relationships in real estate.

Automatic Call Distribution

CallOrca’s system intelligently routes incoming calls to the most suitable agent based on predefined criteria. Elevate your call resolution rates and improve overall business efficiency. Ensure clients and prospects are quickly connected to agents with the right expertise and availability.

The Complete Contact Center Platform

Boost your sales and enhance customer experience by equipping your team with the essential communication features from OrcaCall’s unified Call Center Software.

International Phone Numbers
Call Center Analytics
Forward To Voicemail
Toll-Free Numbers
Appointment Scheduler
Call Monitoring
Office Hours
Record Calls
Auto Dialer
Call Whispering
Caller Id
Virtual Call Center
Predictive Dialer
Share Phone Number
Call Queues
Forward To Your Phone

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