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Elevate your customer support with CallOrca’s inbound contact center. Our cloud-based solution integrates flawlessly with your CRM and Helpdesk, enabling round-the-clock support from any location and device.

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Why Choose CallOrca?

Efficiently handle high volumes of incoming calls with CallOrca's intelligent call routing and IVR. Our system automatically logs call details in your CRM, saving your support team countless hours.

Advanced Features

Offer customers an easy-to-navigate, agent-free system using CallOrca's multi-level IVR feature.

Cost Optimization

Save significantly by syncing your CRM and helpdesk with CallOrca's platform, automating call logging and information tracking.

Assured Quality

Monitor calls with CallOrca, enabling listening in, whispering, or barging in as necessary to improve customer service quality.

Minimize Customer Response Time

Reduce wait times and boost customer satisfaction. Turn first-call resolution into a standard practice with CallOrca’s smart call routing.

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Quick Self-Service

Enable customers to navigate easily without an agent using CallOrca's advanced IVR feature.

Deep Integrations

Automate workflows and eliminate manual tasks with CallOrca’s seamless integration with over 100 CRM and business tools.

Track Service Quality

Monitor contact center operations to gain comprehensive insights into performance and service quality.

Set Up Your Phone System in Less Than 3 Minutes

Get your virtual phone system running quickly - just 3 minutes from purchasing numbers to making your first call.

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Achieve Omnichannel Support

Effortlessly send bulk SMS and Whatsapp messages with our platform, allowing you to communicate discounts and updates to thousands of customers instantly.

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Your All-In-One Inbound Call Center Software Solution

Equip your sales and support teams with a comprehensive suite of call and SMS features, enhancing overall efficiency and customer engagement.

International Phone Numbers
Call Center Analytics
Forward To Voicemail
Toll-Free Numbers
Appointment Scheduler
Call Monitoring
Office Hours
Record Calls
Auto Dialer
Call Whispering
Caller Id
Virtual Call Center
Predictive Dialer
Share Phone Number
Call Queues
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OrcaCall went an extra mile and suggested a perfect solution. As of now, all of our numbers are clean and have the highest attestation score.