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Call Center Solution for Software & Technology

Engage customers on the world’s leading messaging platform. Integrate rich messaging capabilities into your contact center via WhatsApp for Business API.

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Why Choose CallOrca?

Transform your business operations and elevate customer interactions with CallOrca's innovative and customized services. Here’s why CallOrca stands out as the optimal call center solution for IT companies:

Global Reach

Expand your business globally with local and toll-free numbers from over 90 countries. Establish a worldwide brand presence affordably with CallOrca.

Robust Features

Take advantage of CallOrca's comprehensive features, including call recording, IVR, real-time analytics, and more. Flexibly upgrade your plan or add features as your business evolves.

Exceptional Support

Receive dedicated support from our 24/7 customer service team. Get the guidance you need, solve issues promptly, and maximize your investment with CallOrca.

Fostering Lasting Customer Relationships

Stay competitive with CallOrca’s innovative call center solutions, specifically designed to provide unmatched customer experiences in the software and technology industry.

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Skill-Based Call Routing

Direct customers to the most skilled agents for their inquiries, ensuring effective resolution and heightened customer satisfaction. Improve service efficiency and leave a lasting positive impression.

Call Monitoring

Obtain critical insights into agent performance and customer interactions. Identify improvement areas to consistently deliver exceptional service and comply with privacy and security standards.

Advanced Integration

Effortlessly integrate CallOrca with your existing tech infrastructure, creating a unified customer service and sales experience. Enhance agent productivity and operational efficiency.

Elevate and Enhance Customer Experiences Today

Discover the transformative impact of CallOrca’s innovative Call Centre Solution, designed to revolutionize your customer engagement.

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Benefits of Call Center Solution for IT Companies with CallOrca

Optimize your sales and customer support efforts with CallOrca's advanced call center solution, specifically designed for software and technology companies.

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Data-Driven Insights

Access real-time analytics on customer behavior and call patterns with CallOrca's advanced tools. Make strategic, informed decisions to enhance your business's efficiency and effectiveness.

Increased Sales

Automate dialing processes for outbound campaigns with CallOrca’s call center solution, focusing on connecting agents with customers who answer. Save time for agents and elevate productivity, leading to increased sales opportunities.

Enhanced Remote Support

Provide top-notch remote IT support to clients using CallOrca’s robust features. Ensure prompt and effective technical issue resolution, regardless of geographical barriers, to maintain a consistently high-quality customer experience.

The Complete Contact Center Platform

Boost your sales and enhance customer experience by equipping your team with the essential communication features from OrcaCall’s unified Call Center Software.

International Phone Numbers
Call Center Analytics
Forward To Voicemail
Toll-Free Numbers
Appointment Scheduler
Call Monitoring
Office Hours
Record Calls
Auto Dialer
Call Whispering
Caller Id
Virtual Call Center
Predictive Dialer
Share Phone Number
Call Queues
Forward To Your Phone

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