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Call Analytics

Revitalize and evaluate the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies with CallOrca's custom Call Analytics feature. Easily track call volume, duration, and the routing of incoming and outbound calls with just a click! Sign up now.

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What Is Call Analytics Software?

Call analytics harnesses artificial intelligence to gather data from phone conversations in contact centers. It not only provides caller details like phone number, name, and the advertising source leading to the contact center, but also discerns genuine leads. This technology aids advertisers in understanding their prospects' product or service needs and whether they convert to customers by the end of the call.

Advantages of Call Analytics

Identify Call Sources

Call analytics technology helps pinpoint the sources of incoming calls your business receives.

Real-Time Tracking

Phone call tracking allows for more intelligent evaluations through real-time tracking dashboards.

Insights into Caller Behavior

A comprehensive view from cloud-based speech analytics offers higher-quality, accurate insights into customer behaviors.

Boost Sales

Focus on potential customers responding to your marketing efforts to drive higher sales.

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Additional Call Analytics Features

Power Dialer

Efficiently meet your daily calling needs with CallOrca’s highly efficient Power Dialer function

Smart Switch

Choose from multiple telephony providers before placing a call, addressing call connectivity issues effectively.

Global Connect

Determine the optimal time to call your international clients.

Smart Call Forwarding

Users have the option to forward calls to multiple phones, ensuring availability on-the-go.

Call Transfer

Redirect a connected call from your number to a team member as required.

Call Conference

Add a third person to a two-way call, converting it into a 3-way conference.

Call Queuing Software

Manage incoming calls by placing them in a queue when agents are occupied with other customers.

Call Barging

Supervisors can join a call they are monitoring to provide immediate assistance.

Call Recording

Record every call on each number for comprehensive team performance monitoring.

Voice Mail

Receive voicemails in your email inbox and play them directly from there.

Call Monitoring

Listen to representatives' calls with the goal of enhancing communication quality and customer service.

Call Hold Audio

Engage callers with on-hold music from CallOrca or upload your custom tracks.