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WhatsApp Shared Inbox

Engage customers on the world’s leading messaging platform. Integrate rich messaging capabilities into your contact center via WhatsApp for Business API.

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Trusted by 4000+ companies

Trusted By 4000+ Global Brands

Why ControlHippo?

Seamlessly Connect Across Preferred Channels

Maximize customer engagement by reaching them on their preferred channels through ControlHippo's Omnichannel solution for comprehensive outreach.

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Automate Customer Interaction for Enhanced Engagement

nhance customer communication for onboarding, payment dunning, and event reminders with Automated Message Sequences.

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Integrate Platforms for Streamlined Operational Efficiency

Easily merge your chosen tools and systems using ControlHippo. Streamline processes, consolidate data, and improve overall performance.

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Swiftly Execute Actions with Chrome Extension

ControlHippo's Chrome Extension amplifies your productivity. Seamlessly manage tasks, access information, and streamline workflows directly from your browser.

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Continue the Conversation on WhatsApp

Transition to WhatsApp for personalized and continuous dialogues, fostering stronger customer relationships over time on the platform they frequent daily.

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