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Engage customers on the world’s leading messaging platform. Integrate rich messaging capabilities into your contact center via WhatsApp for Business API.

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Why OrcaCall?

With OrcaCall, avoid having your numbers flagged as spam! Boost your global outreach with local numbers and cost-efficient solutions. Improve your communication strategies, increase productivity, and connect smoothly across the globe.

Spam Prevention

OrcaCall's system automatically changes numbers with each call, helping to avoid spam markings and boosting productivity by presenting a fresh and legitimate image to customers.

Global Reach

Create a local presence in various parts of the world with OrcaCall’s virtual phone numbers, which include local area codes. This feature enables you to connect with a wide range of audiences effortlessly.


Enhance your communication budget with OrcaCall's economical VoIP features. Efficiently allocate resources, allowing you to direct savings towards the growth and development of your core business.

Boost Engagement on WhatsApp

OrcaCall’s WhatsApp Business API integration allows you to engage customers better. Meet your customers where they are for richer conversations. Use the official WhatsApp API to get started instantly!

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Say Farewell to Spam Numbers

Say goodbye to the hassle of spam numbers with OrcaCall’s auto rotate feature. Maintain the integrity of your communications as our sophisticated system ensures that each call displays a unique number, avoiding spam labels.

Automatic Number Management

OrcaCall's automatic number management simplifies communication by dynamically assigning and rotating phone numbers. This enhances security, minimizes spam risks, and optimizes engagement, ensuring a smooth and efficient connection experience for users.

Low Call Abandonment Rates

Experience a streamlined and effective communication process. OrcaCall’s auto rotate feature uses unique numbers for each call, aiding in prompt response to calls. This increases customer satisfaction and reflects positively on the reliability and responsiveness of your business.

Continue the Conversation on WhatsApp

Transition to WhatsApp for personalized and continuous dialogues, fostering stronger customer relationships over time on the platform they frequent daily.

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Auto Rotate's Advantages

OrcaCall’s auto rotate feature is an innovative tool that alters phone numbers with every call. This enhances privacy, reduces the likelihood of being marked as spam, and maintains a fresh and credible image for the recipients. Elevate the effectiveness of your communication strategies today.

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Improve Call Connection Rates

The auto rotate function can significantly increase call connection rates. Enhance these rates with strategic and personalized communication methods, ensuring a smooth and effective connection with your audience.

Boosted Credibility

Present a dynamic and trustworthy image to your customers and clients! By displaying a different number for each call, you minimize the risk of being classified as spam, thereby building trust and maintaining professionalism.

Increase in Agent Productivity

Enhance agent productivity with OrcaCall’s auto rotate, which showcases a unique number for every call. This feature helps avoid spam detection, allowing agents to connect with more calls and achieve better engagement and results.

Avoid Spam, Increase Connections, Improve Productivity

The auto rotate function is designed to optimize call connections, effectively prevent spam, and significantly enhance productivity. This ensures a smooth and efficient calling experience, leading to improved engagement and better overall results.

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