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CallOrca Features

Leveraging a decade of expertise in the telephony market, CallOrca deeply understands the unique business requirements of its customers. Our solution, enriched with a comprehensive feature set, is tailored to meet all your business communication needs. Here are some of our top features that make CallOrca the preferred choice.

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Power Dialer

Increase your sales team's efficiency with our Power Dialer, which automates the dialing process, saving time and allowing your team to focus on engaging with prospects and closing deals.

Smart Switch

Improve call connectivity with the Smart Switch feature, enabling your agents to switch seamlessly between multiple telephony providers for optimal call quality and customer experience.

Global Connect

Connect with global customers at the most opportune moments using Global Connect, maximizing call pickup and conversion rates while respecting different time zones.

Smart Call Forwarding

Ensure no important call is missed with Smart Call Forwarding, which automatically redirects incoming calls to your preferred devices or numbers, keeping you accessible and responsive.

Call Transfer

Enhance customer service by smoothly transferring calls to the appropriate department or agent, streamlining the call resolution process and reducing customer effort.

Call Conference

Enable effective team collaboration with the Call Conference feature, allowing audio meetings with multiple participants for efficient communication and decision-making.

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Modern Business Phone System Features

Call Queuing Software

Efficiently manage high call volumes by placing callers in a queue, ensuring they are served in order and informed about wait times, reducing wait times and enhancing user experience.

Call Barging

Maintain quality control and improve agent performance with Call Barging, allowing supervisors to join ongoing calls discreetly for real-time assistance and improved customer interactions.

Call Recording

Capture and store key conversations with Call Recording for training, compliance, or review purposes, enhancing quality assurance and providing a valuable resource for dispute resolution.

Voice Mail

Never miss a crucial message with Voice Mail, allowing callers to leave voice messages, staying connected even when you're unavailable.

Call Analytics

Gain insightful call metrics, patterns, and trends with advanced Call Analytics, helping you make data-driven decisions to optimize business processes and enhance customer service.

On Hold Music

Keep callers engaged and entertained with customized On Hold Music, creating a pleasant waiting experience and reinforcing your brand identity.

Automatic Call Distribution

Optimize call handling with Automatic Call Distribution, ensuring efficient distribution of incoming calls to the right agents or departments based on predefined criteria.

Call Center Analytics

Unlock insights into call center operations with Call Center Analytics, monitoring agent performance, measuring customer satisfaction, and gaining actionable insights for operational improvement.

Call Monitoring

Ensure high-quality service and compliance by monitoring calls in real-time, providing immediate feedback, and supporting agents with Call Monitoring.


Motivate and engage your agents with Gamification, introducing competitive elements like leaderboards and rewards to enhance productivity and team spirit.

Interactive Voice Response

Streamline call handling and enhance customer service with Interactive Voice Response, allowing efficient call routing and quick access to relevant information through voice or keypad inputs.

Multi-line Phone System

Manage multiple calls simultaneously with a Multi-line Phone System, increasing productivity and handling customer inquiries more efficiently.

Number Masking

Protect the privacy of both agents and customers with Number Masking, ensuring confidentiality and security during calls.

Number Portability

Easily transfer your existing phone numbers to CallOrca, maintaining business continuity and brand identity without changing numbers.

Post-Call Surveys

Collect customer feedback after each call with Post-Call Surveys to measure satisfaction, identify improvement areas, and enhance service quality.

Predictive Dialer

Boost outbound calling with the Predictive Dialer, automating dialing to reduce idle time and increase agent talk time for better productivity and sales outcomes.

Target vs Achievement

Set and track performance goals with Target vs Achievement metrics, monitoring individual and team achievements to motivate agents towards success.

User Role System

Control access to CallOrca features with the User Role System, assigning roles and access levels based on responsibilities to ensure data privacy and system integrity.

Voice Broadcast System

Reach a wide audience quickly with the Voice Broadcast System, broadcasting messages to multiple phone numbers for efficient mass communication.

Voicemail Greeting

Create a professional impression with customized Voicemail Greetings, tailoring your messages to align with your brand and leaving a positive impact on callers.

Welcome Music or Message

Make a lasting first impression with Welcome Music or Messages, setting a positive tone for conversations and showcasing your brand's professionalism.

Call Screening

Effectively prioritize and manage calls with Call Screening, allowing you to identify callers or messages before answering to optimize the call management process.

Call Whispering

Support agents discreetly during calls with Call Whispering, providing real-time guidance to ensure exceptional customer experiences.

Call Routing

Ensure efficient service with intelligent Call Routing, directing incoming calls to the most suitable agent or department based on predefined rules or caller